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Per-site customization in Mozilla Firefox

August 6, 2011


On a coolest day, I got a new assignment from my my boss.  To play some stuffs with a web site.

When I had a look at the site, I really shocked… The site contains pictures of sizzling babes, hot girls, %^*&^*&# etc.

Don’t you think ‘What a lucky I am ?’. Yes, I am. I played a little, crazy work around to(reasonably) hide the pictures from the site.

Mozilla Firefox saved me.

Aim : To customize look and feel of a specific website using ‘userContent.css’ file of Mozilla Firefox

Applicable To : Mozilla Firefox

Example : I want to hide the images from ‘‘.

Solution :

Step 1 : Open Firefox, Go to ‘Firefox’ menu at the top-left of the browser.

Firefox --> Help --> Troubleshooting Information --> Open Containing Folder 

Step 2 : Create a folder named chrome

Step 3 : Create a css file userContent.css

Step 4 : Copy the following code to the files userContent.css

Step 5 : @-moz-document domain( { img { opacity: 0.05 !important; } }

Step 6 : Replace with specified domain name, say if we need to format the images in

Step 7 : Resatrt user browser

Play the game what I played. Have fun.


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